6 Ways to Celebrate Summer!

Summer is coming and it’s the perfect season for grilling or sharing an ice cold beverage with family and friends! Here are 6 super-easy-fool-proof ways to celebrate the beautiful weather!

  1. Celebrate Ohio Wine Month!
    Yes, Ohio Wine Month exists and it’s the month of June! Did you know that Ohio is the seventh largest wine-producer in the country? With 1.1 million gallons of wine production each year, the wine industry is making a big impact on the state’s economy. So how did we celebrate? We grabbed some bottles of Sangria from Powell Village Winery and served it up with fresh fruit. And learn from our mistakes – freeze the fruit and use it as ice instead. That summer heat will dilute those drinks fast!
    (Ohio coasters from OhioExplored)
  2. Quick and Easy BBQ with Montgomery Inn
    It always takes time and patience for the perfect slab of ribs or pulled pork. When we learned about Montgomery Inn delivering their products, we knew we had to try it! Their sauce is now gluten-free too! With just a few clicks away and 30 minutes of prepping and cooking, our meal was ready. All we had to do was put the ribs in the oven, throw the pulled pork on a pan, and kebab up our veggies while the meats heated up.
  3. Sign up for summer Volleyball sessions at Woodlands Backyard
    For those who want to grab a drink and play in the sand, Woodlands Backyard is the place to be. They host several volleyball sessions over the summer and it’s a great way to meet new people! You can check out www.gattertopdrinks.com for other unique cocktail recipes that you can add to your summer beverages.
  4. Patio Dining at California Pizza Kitchen
    After a busy day of shopping, we love grabbing a seat at CPK‘s patio. They’ve rolled out their new menus and yes… cocktails included! I love the California Roots (Svedka Vodka, Fresh Avocado & Mint, Fresh Agave Sour, Fennel Salt Rim) and of course their Original BBQ Chicken Pizza. When we feel like indulging, Kathy and I love sharing the Butter Cake! P.S. Always get the cake with ice cream ;)
  5. Festival Season
    There’s always something to do during the summer in this beautiful city we call home. When summer rolls around, the calendar is jam packed with events. Plan your weekends accordingly by finding out when and where festivals are happening!
  6. Train for the Columbus Half or Full Marathon!
    Spend the next few months training for a big goal like running the half or full marathon. Our past experience at the Columbus Marathon was nothing short of amazing. Seeing all the kids at every mile marker kept us motivated, and we can’t wait to run the half again this year! PS… feel free to donate towards our fundraiser too!!

Big thanks to Montgomery Inn BBQ, CPK, and #OhioWine for all the delicious goods!


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