a day in the life of Kasual Life

So what’s it like in the day of a Kasual Life? It starts off with early morning coffee, booping, lots of laughing, and of course selfies. Stephen from Young & Lo Photography, a professed DSLR Selfie Master, came along to capture our day at Easton this past weekend! We arrived a little too early for the 15th Annual Easton Art Affair, so of course we had to do an obligatory impromptu parking lot photoshoot! We learned more about the Columbus based Young & Lo duo who’s been working on different projects. From weddings to working with an anti-trafficking organization, these two are down for any project!

Life is better when you’re laughing.

If you missed out on the Art Affair, there are other fun Easton events like yoga on Fridays or movies on Tuesday! Don’t forget to check out Young & Lo Photography as well. They are always up for different projects whether it’s fine art or photobooths!

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