About Us

Hello, World!

We are Kathy and Sophia and we started the Kasual Life as a creative and fun project! Kasual (a play on the word casual) defines our balanced lifestyle and down to earth personalities. We created the blog to share our perspective of life that focuses on healthy holistic happiness. To us “healthy” means being happy physically, mentally, and socially.

We were both born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and have known each other since childhood. Our friendship has grown because we have so much fun exploring and seeing what this city has to offer. This blog highlights awesome people, great restaurants, and fun things to do in Columbus!

We will also get more personal in our posts under the Lifestyle section! There you can learn about our experiences and other life opinions. Looking for something to cook? Check out Kasual Cooking for some delicious recipes!

The Kasual Life is the good life so come enjoy it with us!

♥ Kathy & Sophia