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There’s nothing more refreshing than sitting in your stylist’s chair (one who you trust), knowing you’ll leave with a fresh new cut + color! Alycia Johnson has been my absolute go-to stylist for the past few years, and it was an unfortunate yet fortunate time when I first met her.


I’ve donned some pretty drastic haircuts (asymmetrical pixie with a-line bobs) but always had it done in California. While back in Columbus, I needed my pixie-side trimmed and let’s just say I left one salon almost in tears and frantically looking for someone to fix it. Someone recommended Alycia and I was able to get an appointment the very next evening. Either through witchcraft or wizardry, she was able to blend the worst-haircut-of-my-life into an even bob. Thank the hair heavens. That’s when I knew I would be coming back.

Alycia has been cutting, coloring, and styling for more than 10 years! She is currently located at Loft #10 in Salon Lofts (Clintonville) and offers a full line of Kevin Murphy products. The space is intimate yet open with floor to ceiling windows. What I love most about the space is that it’s just one chair + Alycia, and I feel like I’m gaining her full attention as she works her magic.


This year I’ve been in love with her color melting technique. Alycia creates a perfect combination of highlighted pieces near my face and lighter ends near the bottom. The look is almost an ombré, but not quite. Ombrés are known for having lighter ends on almost all the strand ends, whereas Alycia creates a piecey yet soft effect to help blend my naturally dark hair into the lighter brond (brown + blonde) ends. So basically it’s almost like a balayage but closer to an ombré… but all these terms get confusing so let’s just call it the perfectly blended caramel brond. The process takes about 3-4 hours (including the time for cut + style), but it may differ for other hair types! The best part about this style is that it’s super low maintenance. I don’t have to worry about my roots growing out and it still looks good after 4-5 months.


All the products from the Kevin Murphy line smell absolutely amazing. They are jam-packed with great ingredients and all are sulfate + paraben free. Some noted products are:

  • Doo.Over (2-in-1 dry shampoo + hairspray!)
  • Session.Spray (weightless firm holding spray)
  • Angel.Rinse + Angel.Wash (perfect for my fine color treated hair)


Olaplex is also offered. What is Olaplex? It basically “reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds.” Those bonds are separated during the coloring process… so Olaplex is one way to get back some healthy hair. It can be added to the coloring process or separately. I honestly have not tried olaplex yet, but can’t wait to try it at my next treatment! Alycia has done such a great job at processing my hair multiple times over the past two years and my hair continues to be shiny + strong.


Thank you to Alycia for always being so down to earth + patient with my brond needs. It’s an amazing feeling when you find the perfect stylist who fits your personality + hair needs.

Alycia Johnson at Salon Lofts
4400 N. High Street in Columbus, Ohio

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