Practical Gift Guide


I love a practical gift. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to be pampered with things I would never buy myself, but a good quality usable gift is awesome to both give and receive….


How to pack a carry on


Europe, here I come! I’m so excited to experience the cultures of Italy, Greece, and Spain.  I have been spending a lot of time planning where I’m staying, attractions to see, foods to eat….and what to…

Antrim Park

Summer 2016


All summer ’16! We have been so busy these past few months with our daily grind, but don’t worry we have made time to travel + explore all that Columbus has to offer. Here are the…


Gateway District


A lot has changed around THE Ohio State University’s campus since graduation. From north campus to the Gateway District you will find new renovations and additions such as dorms, apartments, and a variety of restaurants. Outdated buildings have had…

destination donuts dessert

Best desserts in Columbus


Our favorite desserts in Columbus will have you drooling, so quick, go grab a napkin! These delectables will make your Valentine’s Day even sweeter with your sweetie. 1. The #kasualcraves favorite pistachio chocolate chip cookie from Pistacia Vera….


Wedding Etiquette for Guests


I received a wedding etiquette lesson thanks to Columbus event designer, Dalay Ket. It has been so helpful because almost all my friends are engaged now! And now that I am a bridesmaid for Sophia, I…


Blogsgiving 2015


We hosted the 2nd Blogsgiving in November 2015 and it was such a success! Bigger and better than last year’s event, all thanks to those who attended and the local companies that supported us! This year…