Bahn Thai Fried Rice

What is so special about fried rice that we would dedicate a whole post about it? Well, this is no ordinary fried rice! Bahn Thai‘s Bahn Thai fried rice (BTFR) is actually one of our favorite dishes in all of Columbus! 

Bahn Thai fried rice has a blend of: onions, tomato, broccoli, cilantro, & meat/seafood/tofu topped with a delicious fried egg…and some secret ingredients that we can’t figure out, but it always keeps us coming back for more!

How I order mine:

  • chicken or shrimp (both are amazing! but I tend to order chicken more)
  • spicy or very spicy (depending on how adventurous I am that day)

During college, Kathy and I loved stopping here for lunch on weekdays to get a better deal on this dish ($7.99 lunch | $11.99 dinner). If you’re also looking for an appetizer, I would recommend their papaya salad! Just don’t say very spicy when they ask how spicy – unless you think you can handle it. Remember, you will get what you ask for when requesting it very spicy. 

P.S. Pay cash & show your BuckID for a 10% discount! (11/6/14 Edit: this deal is no longer valid)

Closed on weekdays from 3-5 PM

Try it and see why we are #TeamBTFR!

Bahn Thai Bistro
1932 W. Henderson Rd.
Northwest Shopping Center
Columbus, OH 43220


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