Favorite beauty products under $10!

I love trying beauty products and my makeup collection is quite extensive. I always do my research before purchasing new products because who wants to waste money? These products mentioned below are ones I will continue to use and recommend…and they are super affordable! *throws confetti*

Batiste dry shampoo, $7-8: Dry shampoo soaks up the oil in your hair leaving it less greasy and also adds volume! Do you ever wonder how people get that tousled sexy bed head look? Use this product to get the right texture.

Aussie 3 minute miracle, $3: This is an amazing conditioner- you won’t be able to stop touching your hair because it’s so soft AND it smells like coconuts. MMMM.

Eyelash curler, variable. I got this beautiful rose gold one from TJ Maxx. Curled lashes instantly make your eyes seem bigger and can really make you appear more awake. This contraption may take some practice to perfect, but I recommend it for anyone who has straight lashes!


Vaseline ~$1: I use Vaseline every morning and night on my lips. Vaseline is great for dry skin and dry cracked cuticles.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer $7-9: I’ve tried high-end under eye concealers and haven’t found any as good as this one. This never creases and has great coverage! For work, I just apply this under my eyes and curl my lashes and I’m set- easy kabeezy.

Smith’s Rosebud Perfume Co. Minted Rose Lip Balm, $7: I always keep this in my purse. It moisturizes my lips and adds some shine. I also put it on my cuticles. I have given away so many of these as gifts because I think it’s a great product!

Lorac TANtalizer baked bronzer (travel size), $7: This comes in a full version, but the travel size alone will last you a long time. It can be used both as a blush or bronzer. The color and fine gold shimmer will have you looking sun kissed.


Clinique bottom lash mascara, $10: I hardly ever line my lower lash line or use mascara because most products smudge and raccoon eyes aren’t attractive. This product however, does not smudge! It has the tiniest brush too so you can get good definition.

Sephora brow brush, $10: This brush is thicker so it’s very easy to control how much product is applied. I use this with both shadow and gel products for my brows.

Real Techniques blush brush, $8.99: This brand of brushes, designed by beauty gurus Sam and Nic Chapman of Pixiwoo, are some of the best brushes I have tried! No need to buy expensive ones because these will do the trick and don’t forget that you can use those Ulta coupons with them. They are super soft and high quality. The blush brush is one of my favorites because it applies just the right amount of product and it can also be used as an all over face brush.beauty-7

Q-tips, mascara wands, cotton rounds: These tools are so inexpensive and have many purposes. Q-tips can be used to clean up winged eye liner or nail polish mistakes. Mascara wands can separate clumpy mascara lashes and be used to brush through your brows. Cotton rounds are great for applying facial toner.

Some products are exclusive to stores that I have linked. Those aside, I usually go to Target to buy everything else because it’s cheaper there. Don’t forget drugstores like CVS and Walgreens have good return policies where you can return products even after they have been opened.

What are some of your favorite cheap beauty products?

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