Kasual Craves Volume 1: Beechwold Salad at Northstar

Welcome to our new series where we highlight a dish or drink that we have been obsessed with for the month. The Beechwold Salad from Northstar Cafe hands down wins the contest for August.

We’ve heard amazing things about the salad, but never tried it until after our Columbus menu favorites was posted- otherwise it would have made the list!

This dish is a great way for me to get my veggies in. It’s a healthy and dense salad that’s perfect as an entree. It might seem hard to fork over $14 on a salad, but trust me it’s worth it!



  • Roasted chicken
  • kale
  • raddichio
  • cabbage
  • dates
  • avocado
  • tomatoes
  • corn
  • goat cheese
  • almonds
  • champagne vinaigrette
  • croutons
  • bread

All the items combined together are delicious. The dates add sweetness, the almonds are crunchy, the chicken is juicy and a great protein addition, and the sweet yet tangy vinaigrette combines everything so well. To keep the salad even lighter, we sometimes pass up on the goat cheese and the side of focaccia bread.

Different locations have different names for the salad:

  • Village Salad (Short North location)
  • Townsfair (Salad at the Easton location)

We’ve only tried the salad at the Beechwold location but according to the menu, the different named salads have all the same ingredients. Looks like Sophia and I will have to make some visits to see if they are exactly the same as the Beechwold Salad!



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