Fall 2014 Shoot: Behind the Scenes

We can’t believe it’s already the last week of October! All month we have been showcasing a few of our local favorites with the help of two amazing people: our designer Dalay Ket and photographer Paul Woo. Kathy and I wanted to do something different for this shoot and knew Dalay would be able to bring our vision to life.

We told Dalay we wanted something rustic and warm with fall vibes. At our first meeting, Dalay shared her inspiration board to help us brainstorm ideas and come up with a color palette. With a given budget, she listed all the possible designs and next up was choosing a location and photographer! After months of traveling the world, our photographer friend Paul Woo was finally back in town and offered to shoot!


The day of the shoot finally came and when Kathy and I arrived on set, we were mind blown by Dalay’s design! She had built the wooden backdrop herself and rolled in some (empty) whiskey barrels that still had traces of oak. Paul was ready to go with all his photography gear to shoot!


We had a great time working with both Dalay and Paul. Paul’s photos were beyond what we had imagined – capturing the incandescent mood to a tee! The two helped us create something truly special for the month of October. Best part about this collaboration? Seeing both Dalay and Paul’s talent in the works from beginning to end.

See the rest of our Fall 2014 Shoot:
Makeup by Jaden
Mission Coffee
Poor Sparrow (local handmade jewelry)
Phyllis + Hazel (local handmade jewelry)

Designer: Dalay Ket

Photographer: Paul Woo

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