Best Tacos in Columbus Ohio

The taco scene in Columbus has been exponentially growing and that just means more options for all the taco lovers in town. We’ve curated the best taco joints in Columbus and we’re sharing which specific tacos to order!

Los Guachos: Fish + Al Pastor

Although Los Guachos is most known for their al pastor tacos (ranked as a Top 5 Taco in America by Food Network), we can’t neglect their fried fish tacos! Nestled in a flour tortilla, these perfectly breaded fish fillets are delicate in flavor that can still pack a punch. The creamy chipotle sauce and fresh squeezed lime juice pairs perfectly with these tacos.


The Al Pastor is still a must-try for newcomers. The fresh cut pork shoulder and pineapple combo never lets us down. The meat is never bland and the fresh toppings add lightness to the fatty pork. Make sure to visit on Mondays for BOGO free pastor tacos after 4pm! Aside from tacos, I give high praise to their pickled onion-habanero-soy sauce blend. This pickled topping will earn affection from those with a high capsaicin tolerance.

Junior’s Taco Truck: Carnitas

We’ve heard great things about Junior’s Tacos and it’s about time we finally tried it! Tacos can be ordered as either traditional (cilantro + onion topping) or American (shredded lettuce + cheese + sour cream). This food truck parked on 5th Ave & Highland has one of the most flavorful tacos in town. When recommending Junior’s Tacos it only takes three words… get the carnitas. I was pleasantly surprised with how well seasoned the carnitas were. Traditional toppings are a definite must, but the carnitas are delicious either way.


Bakersfield: Short Rib + Cochinita Pibil

So this might sound crazy, but I’ve fallen in love with a “pho” taco. A bite of the braised Short Rib taco from Bakersfield gives nostalgic memories of my mom’s home cooked pho! Pretty sure there’s no short rib in my mom’s pho… so it’s still a mystery as to why the taco tastes like pho. Regardless, Kathy agrees with me and we keep coming back for more!


Short Rib + Cochinita Pibil from Bakersfield (front to back)

Another great choice at Bakersfield is their Cochinita Pibil! The braised pork is mixed with a bright spicy habanero sauce and the amount of protein is stacked!

Taco Hass: Al Pastor

The al pastor from Taco Hass is a little different from Los Gauchos. Both use fresh cut pork and pineapple, but each taste delicious in their own way. The pork from Taco Hass is freshly cut and recooked in a pan, giving a slightly crispier texture. This two step process adds a slight caramelization that is almost reminiscent of char siu pork (Chinese BBQ pork).


from L to R: fish, steak, carnitas, al pastor

Nada: Pork Belly

Let’s be real, when is pork belly NOT good? Although this taco isn’t a traditional taco, the fatty goodness will leave you satisfied… and maybe just a little guilty. When ordering tacos at Nada, note that brunch serves 2 tacos while dinner serves 3.


Nada Pork Belly Tacos topped with eggs

Too many tacos to handle? We’ve got you covered with our quick cheat sheet. Save it to your phone for a future self-guided taco tour!

Los Guachos
5221 Godown Rd. Columbus, OH 43235 | (614) 538-0211
1376 Cherry Bottom Rd. Gahanna, OH 43230 | (614)-471-4717

Junior’s Tacos
184 W 5th Ave. Columbus, OH 43201 | (614)-743-7603

733 N High St. Columbus, OH 43215 | (614)-754-8436

Taco Hass
7370 Sawmill Road | (614) 760-0155

220 W Nationwide Blvd. Columbus OH | (614)-715-8266


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