Best Things to Eat in Columbus

We have FINALLY compiled a list of our all time favorite dishes in Columbus. People always ask us what’s the best thing to eat here and we wanted to give you all the answers in one post. You may notice that we have done a #KasualCraves blog post to many of these items and posted them often on our Instagram, which is only a testament to how much we enjoy them. We eat these items over and over because we LOVE them. They make our taste buds so happy. Read on from breakfast to desserts, we’ve got it all covered.


Fox in the Snow egg sandwich. The toasted soft bread with bacon and souffled egg is light, yet fulfilling. Plus the mustard gives it the perfect kick!

Katalina’s pancake balls with nutella or apple butter. Don’t forget the side of sweet and spicy bacon.

Northstar egg sandwich sounds simple, but the buttery biscuit, bacon and cheese is where it’s at. The comfort dish of all breakfasts.

Northstar egg sandwich

Northstar eggs & prosciutto comes on toasted rosemary focaccia with a side of arugula salad. A unique and delectable breakfast/brunch find in Cbus.

The Guild House truffled eggs. This is definitely one of the fancier brunch items. Although pricier and smaller portions, it’s delicious and I want to lick the plate clean. Real truffle shavings y’all.


Akai Hana sushi, the best in Columbus. They have a good lunch special if you’re looking to save a few bucks. The spicy salmon and spicy tuna rolls are ordered almost every single time. Not into raw fish? Their spicy scallop rolls are ah-mazing, there’s mayo involved and the roll is baked. So yummy that my boyfriend and I don’t share it and we each order our own roll!

Bahn Thai fried rice. I swear there’s crack in this. I’ve tried other house named Thai fried rices and this one reigns supreme. It’s full of flavor and the fried egg on top is the perfect touch.

Brassica pita sandwich. This could probably go in the dinner section because the portion is huge. I usually order mine with hummus, chicken, fried onions, hot sauce, cauliflower, and eggplant. Also, it’s extremely photogenic with the marble tables ;)

Brassica Columbus

Gallerie Bar and Bistro THE Ohio Burger. Comes on a toasted brioche buns with gruyere cheese, blackberry ketchup, and bacon. Get this for either lunch or dinner, or maybe both?

Harvest pizza lunch special. I’m not sure what the difference between the lunch and dinner portions are, but the lunch size either leaves me too full or I have leftovers. My favorite combo: almond pesto + fresh mozzarella + fennel sausage + chopped garlic.

Katalina’s Southern Fried Salata. This chicken salad is stacked with greens, avo, and more!

Kuya Ian’s Sunday lunch buffet will be the best bang for your buck. Sophia’s go to dishes: chicken adobo and milkfish sinigang. Ask for extra fried garlic for your rice ;)

Northstar roasted chicken salad. Our favorite salad name varies by restaurant location: Beechwold, Townsfair, Liberty, Village, or the Uptown salad. The salad also has rotational toppings that change every season! The chicken, dates, goat cheese, and champagne vinaigrette are staples.

Beechwold Salad


Yau’s spicy chicken wings, these are my favorite wings I have ever eaten. EVER. They are super crunchy and juicy, with a spice kick from the jalapeños. Eaten with rice, of course.

Huong’s bánh mì. Better than those five-dollar-footlong deals because the portions are HUGE and the fillings are delicious. Top picks: cold-cuts, grilled pork or grilled beef

Los Guachos gringas tacos = al pastor meat + flour tortilla + melted cheese + pineapple + onion + cilantro. DROOL. On Wednesday’s they are only $3! Ordering 2-3 gringas is filling for me.

Bonifacio chicken inasal during Boodle night (Thursdays). We love eating with our hands. Mix it with mango salad and garlic rice, yum!

Bonifacio columbus ohio

Indochine pork chop. This is a hearty sized dish with a seasoned pork chop, rice, greens, pickled veggies + fish sauce as a side for extra flavor. Definitely a popular menu item with the regulars.

Dewey’s Ryan’s Inferno pizza w/ added roasted whole garlic. Flavorful toppings with a nice light/fluffy crust!

Donatos pepperoni pizza. A good old classic, and the crispy pep reminds us of bacon.

Northstar chicken sandwich. Love the aioli, toasted buns, smoked gouda, and chunks of avocado! P.S. we’ve noticed this item missing during the Holiday season (Thanksgiving/Christmas) when they use turkey instead.

Marcella’s pasta arrabbiata with added crispy parmesan chicken. A little spice and a lot of yums! Best part is finding the chunks of garlic!

Mikey’s Late Nite Slice w/ unicorn sauce. Always a treat after a late night out!  Watch out folks, their collab pizza with Hot Chicken Takeover is making a come back in March!

Bahn Thai Special BT Gai Yang Chicken Wings. These dry-rubbed wings come with sticky rice and papaya salad! (PS this is different from their appetizer Bangkok wings)

Sunflower spicy crispy fried tofu. Soft and pillowy on the inside with a side of green onions and jalapenos. Great with a side of plain lo mein and steamed rice.


Bahn Thai Bangkok chicken wings ordered “Thai spicy.” Perfect amount of sauce, heat, and umami. This item is on the APPETIZER menu!

Columbus Bangkok Wings Bahn Thai

Brassica fries, and just say “yes” when they ask if you want a side of their special sauce.

Tensuke karaage. Amazing fried pieces of juicy dark meat chicken. Squeeze the fresh lemon that comes on the side!


Kung Fu Tea bubble tea! There are so many options to choose from. My go-to is the original milk tea with bubbles. Sophia loves the KF black milk tea, no sugar, less ice, bubbles, and occasionally the milk cap.

Fox in the Snow chocolate chip cookie that has toffee and salt flakes. Big enough to share, but yummy enough to devour on your own.

Pistacia Vera pistachio cookie is chewy and buttery with the pistachio bits.

Pistacia Vera lemon tart. Sweet, tangy, and delicious.

Pistacia Vera chocolate bombe is perfect for fellow chocolate lovers. Best thing is that it feels light with the mousse.

Taste of Belgium waffle. We have yet to find a waffle better than this. The liege waffle is different from your normal breakfast waffle. This one is perfect crunchy texture on the outside and dense yet soft on the inside. The sugar pearls mixed in add a nice sweet surprise.

Jeni’s ice creams: a Columbus favorite. Out fave flavors are Salty Caramel, Brambleberry Crisp, Browned Butter Almond Brittle, Goat Cheese and Cherries, Thai Curry and Pumpkin (seasonal). Waffle cone recommended!

Diamond’s paleta –  their cream based paletas are the best! Kiwi+cream or the strawberry+cream are our faves.

Belle’s Bakery green tea soft serve. The perfect treat after grabbing sushi from Akai Hana or ramen from Tensuke.

Belle’s Bakery mango mousse cake is not only photogenic, but also delicious. Perfect for any small celebration like birthdays or anniversaries.

Peace, Love & Little Donuts lemon blueberry donut. The donuts are the perfect small size, meaning we can eat more, right?

Destination Donut lemon blueberry. This donut is fluffy and very substantial. The lemon blueberry icing is bright and refreshing.

Fox in the Snow strawberry honey cream danish. A little messy to eat, but well worth the buttery crumbs and creamy goodness.


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