Bourbon & Nocino Cocktails for the Holidays

Looking for fun bourbon and nocino cocktails? Look no further. Holidays are coming up quick and that means festivities, foods, and drinks will be in full effect. This season, be the hostess with the mostest with these easy recipes:


  • 16 fluid oz of Stout or Seasonal Beer
  • 0.5-1.0 oz Nocino

The beercino only requires two ingredients and that’s what I love about it. Nocino is a rich liqueur made from vodka infused walnuts. When the unripe walnuts are ready, the nuts must be picked within a week and set to soak in a spirit. Mixing in the sweet nocino with a favorite dry stout makes a harmonious holiday combination!



  • 0.5 oz Nocino
  • 1 oz Watershed bourbon
  • 2 oz egg nog
  • 2 oz coffee

Cold weather in Ohio has us shivering, but thank goodness for hot coffee! Grab some locally roasted coffee grounds, egg nog, bourbon and a little nocino for some fun. Luckily, Columbus has our own local nocino from Watershed Distillery which means we can celebrate all the local love this winter!

Hot Bourbon Cider

  • 8 oz Hot Cider
  • 0.5-1.0 oz Bourbon


Cider is a quintessential fall drink. But as we head towards the colder months, warming up the cider and spiking it with a little love called bourbon makes it perfect.

Spirits provided by Watershed Distillery. Pick up some local spirits at the distillery shop!



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