Kasual Craves Volume 7: Brasato at Forno

Brasato means braised beef in Italian and this finger licking dish is served both at brunch and dinner at Forno Kitchen + Bar. It’s hearty, savory, flavorful & tender. It’s great for sharing with others as an appetizer, but also to be enjoyed as your meal. I’m always torn between devouring it to myself vs. spreading the food love with my friends. Don’t judge me.

The brasato is served in a hot skillet and is accompanied with bread for dipping on a wooden board. I always ask for second servings of the bread! The beef is braised with tomatoes, rosemary, and parmigiano reggiano until the meat is soft. It’s very similar to a stew, but not as soupy.

An added bonus: an egg sits invitingly on top of the beef and I love breaking the yolk to watch the gooey yellow golden center flow into the dish.

One bite and you’ll understand why I order this almost every time!



721 N High St

Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 469-0053


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