Kasual Craves Volume 6: Brassica

Do yourself a favor and make a trip to Brassica if you haven’t yet! When do we not crave Brassica when we’re in the Short North? Never.

  • Brassica (noun): a genus of plants from the mustard family.
  • KLife definition: a place to get the most bomb.com Mediterranean food

This sister restaurant of Northstar Cafe and Third & Hollywood opened up in the fall of 2015 and let me tell you there was HYPE…. and for a good reason! Our Instagram was bombarded of pictures of the delicious food and it was not a let down when we tried it for the first time!

The Mediterranean flavors of the salads and sandwiches pack a punch. The restaurant is set up “Chipotle style” where you pick a salad, sandwich, or hummus plate and pick your toppings. Getting the pita sandwich is the best deal because you can choose all the additions you want. Plus, how can you say no to pita bread that is baked fresh in house?

For meat options I really like the chicken and brisket, both are super juicy and well seasoned with spices that I wish I could better identify, but trust me the food is very aromatic and booming with tastes that warm up your palate. The crispy falafel (fried chickpeas) is another great option too! The cauliflower and eggplant toppings are so delicious that it makes me believe I can become a vegetarian.

2 more words: Brassica fries! I love french fries. These perfectly cut and fried carbs are essentially my kryptonite. These fries are seasoned with spices, crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside. Also, Brassica has the same great atmosphere and customer service as Northstar! Top notch.


I’m definitely going to ask Sophia to go here after I finish writing this post! The #KasualCraves are real.



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