Tips on job searching


Job searching is R O U G H.  After finishing graduate school it took me months to even get an interview! During that job hunting time I was so anxious and had so many doubts about myself. I ended…

How to be a good friend


Sophia and I have been best friends for many years and our friendship continues to be full of giggles & good memories. Maybe it’s our chill and positive  personalities, but we believe these aspects help keep our friendship strong- and…

At the gym: Kasual Legday


Having a planned workout keeps us focused. So what’s been on our workout agenda? Lots of legs. Our current legday workout: Circuit 1 – (3 sets) Barbell Squats x 10 Lunges with dumbbells x 10 (each leg) Step Ups with dumbbells x 10 (each leg)…