ClassPass: to join or not?

Mid January-February we were members of the new fitness membership that’s popping up across the nation: ClassPass.  Read our initial post: Class Pass to fitness for some general information about the membership and how it works.


  •  ClassPass allows you to attend as many participating studios as you want! (Most of the fitness studios involved cost $100+/month including a membership fee)
  • Variety of class times including wee early morning hours!
  • Many fitness class options so you don’t get bored with your fitness routine (TRX, barre, spinning, strength training, yoga, pilates, etc)


  • The class attendance cap. Sophia and I found ourselves favoring certain studios and were using up our 3 passes quickly. (Each studio has a 3 class maximum)
  • Some of the studios with interesting classes were just too far. The distance kept us from joining these classes.

Overall, we think it is a great deal and a great experience. We haven’t renewed the membership due to these winter months and variable driving conditions, but we are definitely thinking about it once spring comes around!

*Photo from ClassPass

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