Friendship = foodship

You know you’re best friends (in Columbus):

1. When you look each other in the eyes after a grand feast at Tensuke and it only means one thing: green tea soft serve from Belle’s Bread next!!


2. If they’re willing to get some slut sauce + spicy-ass from Mikey’s Late Night Slice. No matter how late.

3. When a post-workout treat = one shared blueberry smoothie from Northstar.

4. When you’re both craving super spicy Asian food… it only leads to one perfect dish: Bahn Thai Fried Rice.

5. When you both agree that Mondays aren’t so bad in Columbus… BOGO free al pastor tacos from Los Guachos, $1 brussel sprouts at Hubbard, or jja jang myun $5.99 deal at Poong Mei!

6. Cold winter days in Columbus means sharing a hot bowl of ramen or pho!


7. When you both realize that this list either represents true food friendship or a perfect reminder of why Columbus is the perfect place to share something delicious!


Cover photo by Joyce Zhang

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