Columbus Mules: best places to try Moscow Mules in the city!

Did you know that the Moscow Mule was created in the 40’s to help introduce vodka to Americans? It was actually invented in America and was marketed to stand out by using the traditional copper mugs. Some say the copper adds flavor and keeps the drink colder! I personally can’t tell if the copper changes the flavors of the cocktail or not, but it does seem to stay cold and it looks cool! Looks cool & tastes cool. It’s a refreshing combination of vodka, ginger beer, & fresh lime juice – making it perfect for any day in the summer.

If you’re looking for places in Columbus with mules… here’s a quick list of places to try!

  • Arch City Tavern: Moscow Mule (Absolute Vodka, Roake Ginger, & fresh Lime Juice)
  • BodegaWatershed Vodka Grandview Mule or Bulleit Bourbon Kentucky Mule (these don’t come in the copper mugs, but delicious nonetheless!)
  • Brother’s DrakeFlytown Mule (choice of vodka, gin, or whiskey with fresh-pressed
    lime juice & ginger beer)
  • Denmark on High: Moscow Mule (Finlandia, ginger beer, & lime)
  • Mouton: Moscow Mule (OYO Vodka, House-made ginger beer, & lime)

Looking for the biggest ginger kick? Mouton’s house-made ginger beer is definitely your answer. If you’re looking to try some mules that feature local vodkas, try either Bodega (Watershed vodka) or Mouton (OYO vodka)!


Watershed Vodka Grandview Mule & Bulleit Bourbon Kentucky Mule


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  • JJ Resnick says:

    Great story guys! But you forgot to give Sophie (my great grandmother) the credit she deserves for her role with inventing the Moscow Mule cocktail and the “Original” Moscow Copper Co. You should go check out the real story and update it. She didn’t like to go around talking about it but I want to make sure she gets the credit she deserves and America deserves to know about it. She was a very modest, quiet woman but I’m so proud of her creation and everybody who loves the tradition of the Moscow Mule deserves to know about the vessel the cocktail should be consumed in. Check out the Moscow Copper co. for more about the story.

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