Coppa Gelato

The cutest little gelato shop can be found in Westerville, OH and we think you need to make a plan to visit! Coppa Gelato is run by founder and owner Linda Warns-Davis, who is so passionate about her work and love for gelato.

Now, what is the difference between gelato and ice cream?

  • Gelato is half the calories! (so eat double the servings?!)
  • Gelato uses more milk and less cream, thus, less fat content
  • Gelato has less air whipped into it, which means a denser consistency

We especially enjoyed the pistachio gelato and of course we had to get it affogato style: gelato + a shot of espresso on top. (“Affogato” means drowned in Italian).

The gelato bomb was our favorite. Essentially it’s a cake/donut with gelato in-between. Perfect for sharing and yes, it was da bomb!

OH-IO sweaters from Clothe Ohio
Photos by Paul Woo


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