Denmark in Ohio

I went to a new bar called Denmark on Monday night, which is located in the Short North at 463 N High St– right across from the Convention Center. They just opened a few weeks ago and I am so happy because this place is so unique! This is the first bar I’ve been to that’s located on the second floor of a building, which I thought was really cool because of the view. My friend and I ended up being the last people there so we got to enjoy the whole place to ourselves towards the end of the night!

The “about” section of their Facebook, which is linked above, says that the layout is in the style of a European lounge. What attracted me so much to this bar was the modern feel. The space is divided into 3 sections: the bar, the sitting area which overlooks the window, and a hallway with more chairs and couches. The furniture is simple, yet stylish. The red walls add a nice pop of color.

photo (10)

What else is special about Denmark? Well, one floor below is the Bareburger– a new organic burger restaurant! And then in the basement is Secret Cellar  which sells wine, beer, and cheeses (which are on the menu at Denmark). This triad of businesses surely provides a symbiotic relationship!


The service was excellent! My server, Topher, was very hospitable and let me try 2 wines before making my order! I was craving wine that night, but when I return I want to try the cocktails- their specialty.

I recommend this place if you’re looking for a new scene. They have perfected the sophisticated, yet chill ambiance. Definitely a good place for a romantic date!

P.S. The women’s bathroom was nice, too! Yes, I judge places by their bathrooms.


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