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I mentioned before that I love receiving packages, but having groceries delivered straight to my doorstep was a new experience. Door to Door Organics wants to help make grocery shopping easier and their mission is to provide organic and local foods to you.

How does the Door to Door Organics grocery delivery service work?

  1. Choose a produce box size (bitty, small, medium, large) of fruits, veggies, or both. I chose a bitty box of combo produce.
  2. Choose how frequent you want to receive your groceries. I chose bi-weekly
  3. The boxes come with pre-selected produce that’s fresh and in season. You have the option to substitute items so your box has what you want
  4. Aside from the produce box you can also shop for other groceries such as baking goodies, boxed snacks, dairy, etc
  5. Complete your order…and that’s it!

Delivery is free, you can change the delivery date, freeze your subscription status, or cancel your subscription all at no cost.

I was pleased that there was an ice pack in my box to keep the veggies and fruit cold. All the items were in good condition (not bruised or rotten). The “bitty” box contains a good amount of produce… much more than I would normally buy myself!

As for prices, there were some more items that were more expensive than at a physical grocery store, but others are similar priced. Also, don’t forget the items are all organic.

I think this option is helpful for those who don’t actually like to go to the grocery store or who are very busy. I find going to the store fun and I like seeing all the options, so the delivery service is something I am not used to. I’m looking forward to experimenting with my future orders and see if I can create some new dishes and to try some new snacks!

We are doing a giveaway for a $50 gift certificate to use towards Door To Door Organics! 3 winners will randomly be chosen on Saturday, November 7 at noon EST!

Here’s how you can win:
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