Flower arranging 101 with Dalay Ket Event Design

He loves me… he loves me not… he loves me! Anyone else think of that game when they look at flowers? We met up with our dear friend, Dalay, of Dalay Ket Event Design for a lesson on flower arranging 101. Disclaimer: no flower petals were harmed in the making of these arrangements.


We went to Giant Eagle Market District to buy a bouquet and the flowers were sourced right here in Columbus at Sunny Meadows Flower Farm!

  • Supplies needed: clear tape, scissors, cup/mug/vase, water, flowers. We got these mugs with our initials from Anthropologie


  • Step 1: use clear tape to section the cup so the flowers don’t move around


  • Step 2: fill cup up with room lukewarm water (3/4 full)
  • Step 3: choose the center flower pieces and cut stems to desired length


  • Step 4: place larger flowers in the cup at a diagonal
  • Step 5: add “fillers” (green stems with leaves, small tiny flowers) to make arrangement look more full


  • optional: tie ribbon around the bouquet for additional security and/or aesthetics


Easy kapeezy! Making these arrangements was so fun and I love seeing the flowers on my table at home. They’re a perfect way to brighten up the day!


Check out these past blog posts to see some beautiful flower work by Dalay. We always love collaborating with her!


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