Fox in The Snow: Egg Sandwich

I can say with certainty that the Fox in the Snow egg sandwich is the best thing I have eaten in Columbus so far in 2017. To all my fellow foodies, let me give some back story because I have been living a life of sin until this sandwich.

Even after hearing all the rave reviews, I’ve always brushed it off thinking “what’s so special about an egg sandwich?” I normally found myself going straight for their cinnamon rolls, but finally decided to try the sandwich on one fine day in March. My life has been changed since. I now make weekly trips (sometimes twice a week) to the cafe just to get my egg sandwich fix. Employees may recognize my face now, but I walk in there with a sense of pride and eager to order my usual.


So what’s all the hype about? Well, this is no ordinary thing.


The first bite cuts straight through the bread, which is toasted yet soft on the inside (P.S. no worries, the texture does not cut the roof of your mouth). Then the taste of mustard hits your tongue and is reminiscent of wasabi… sounds strange, but it works well with the bitterness from the arugula. Oh yeah, this sandwich also contains bacon… need I say more? The souffled egg has a sponge cake consistency that is soft and milky. Melted cheese brings in the salt and combines every element together. You will be eating every crumb and licking your fingers.


The sandwich is very substantial and you’ll probably want to order your own. But if combined with a baked good, it can definitely be shared! I love ordering the strawberry cream pastry + cappuccino.

Every Tuesday morning I look forward to making a trip here.  I just can’t say enough good things about Fox in the Snow’s not-so-average egg sandwich. YASSSSSSS.


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