Hardest thing about (1/2) marathon training

One of the most challenging things about workouts isn’t the workout itself. It’s two words:

staying motivated.

Staying on track and motivated is where many fail, including myself. It always starts off strong. The first few weeks I was getting in 3-4 runs a week and eating clean on a daily basis. But like my past routines, workouts seemed to taper off as life got busier. The number of cheat meals started outnumbering my healthy diet and soon I did little to no workouts only to find myself disappointed.

It’s during these times where staying motivated is most crucial. Whether it’s a two week slump like mine or ongoing for months – continue to strive to get to the end goal. Here are a few basic tips that help me get back on track:

  • set a new schedule (plan ahead and make time for workouts)
  • continue to track progress (write down or log miles on apps such as RunKeeper)
  • ultimately remember that everything we do is to lead a happy and healthier lifestyle!


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