Cozy up with hot chocolate!



The weather is getting cold and what better way to warm up than with a cup of hot cocoa/chocolate! Our two favorites are at:

For a thicker consistency and a richer chocolate flavor then head to Northstar. This blend of dark chocolate + spices makes you smile and say “mmm” with the first sip!

Now, Jeni’s ice cream is always a temptation, but their hot cocoa- using Askinosie chocolate– is not to be overlooked. If you prefer a milkier hot chocolate then Jeni’s is the way to go. The portion also serves 2, making it perfect for sharing with a date or friend!

If you find yourself at the Clintonville location (where Northstar and Jeni’s are located next to each other) and can’t make a choice between the two then flip a coin! Save the other place for next time : )

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