How to be a good friend

Sophia and I have been best friends for many years and our friendship continues to be full of giggles & good memories. Maybe it’s our chill and positive  personalities, but we believe these aspects help keep our friendship strong- and they can be applied to many types of relationships:

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  • Don’t judge each other. Majority of the time we see eye to eye, but if we have different opinions about something we don’t make a big deal about it. It’s nice to be exposed to different opinions and perspectives.
  • Make time for each other. Life gets busy, but it’s important to take some time to acknowledge the people you care about! We are partners in crime whether it’s exploring the city or meeting up to have a productivity session. We also text each other everyday, mostly small things like a link to a cool article we read or a song suggestion.
  • Hold each other accountable. When we make plans with each other we stick to it. If a change of plan happens then we alway notify each other as soon as possible. Communication is important!
  • Be silly. We laugh at stupid stuff and even the most mundane activities are fun together. A trip to TJ Maxx together is equivalent to a party. We also embrace each other’s quirks because they make us unique!
  • Promote each other’s happiness + health! Our happiness usually is in the form of food so we like to eat out together, but we also push each other to workout! 5 or 6 AM workouts are much more enjoyable with a friend.
  • Be loyal. We are each other’s ride or die type of friend. We can count on each other through thick or thin.
  • Be brutally honest. There are times when telling the blunt truth is necessary. We know that the timing to hear it is important and we don’t take it personally because the honesty comes from a good place.
  • Encourage each other to follow dreams and to be creative! From career goals to personal goals. Starting Kasual Life has only strengthened our friendship! It’s so fun to have brain storming sessions about future plans.20150103-IMG_0975


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