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indochine-2Are your taste buds in need of some Southeastern Asian cuisine? Indochine Cafe will satisfy those needs with their amazing Vietnamese and Laos dishes! Owners Phuong Mai and Amp (also my aunt and uncle) are so warm and welcoming – you’ll walk in as a customer but leave as a friend. Phuong Mai even recognizes the majority of her customers and can recite their “usual,” – talk about hospitality!





The restaurant first opened May 1, 2005 with Phuong Mai’s concept to provide affordable and delicious authentic food. Growing up with 9 other siblings, going out to restaurants were a rare occasion. Through Indochine Cafe, she is now able to serve the community a dining experience for all socioeconomic statuses. In fact, the majority of the dishes are all under $10!

Besides great prices, here are a few other reasons to stop by:

  1. AMAZING bun thit nuong cha gio. Say what? It’s a Vietnamese classic: grilled pork, eggrolls, vermicelli noodles and fresh veggies. Can’t forget the fish sauce! That may sound peculiar to those who are unfamiliar with it, but Phuong Mai explains it’s the Asian version of Italian dressing.
  2. Fresh beef salad
  3. Vegetarian? No worries, Indochine Cafe has you covered! The majority of the menu items can be made into vegetarian dishes. She can even make vegetarian pho if you call ahead (a traditional Vietnamese noodle dish).
  4. indochine-3-2Pho Challenge (equivalent to 9 regular bowls)! The challenge: eat all 3 pounds of noodles and meat in 1 hour. No need to drink the entire broth but warning: the noodles soak it all up so take that into consideration! Losers pay the fine – $25. So far, out of 20 participants only 1 person has finished.Note: Pho Challenge is at the discretion of Phuong Mai and must be called in advance. Price of prepping the bowl exceeds the actual challenge itself so inquire only if you’re serious!

A few words of advice seeing as how busy the restaurant gets: Call ahead if you have a group coming in for lunch and for to-go orders!

Some readers may think I am biased for saying this is the best Vietnamese restaurant in Columbus, but I know plenty of other people who will agree. Dare I say it… her grilled pork is better than my mom’s (gasp).


561 S Hamilton Rd, Whitehall, Ohio 43213
(614) 231-7357

Monday: closed
Tues-Thurs & Sun: 11A-8P
Fri & Sat: 11A- 10P


  • I agree with this writer and I am not related to the owners except by their gracious hospitality. I have been going here most of its existence. So many things I love but the friendship extended to my family tops the list. At some ethnic cuisine dining spots ism looked at with a sense of suspicion. At Indochine I am greeted with smiles stories and questions about my family. Be sure to ask about weekend specials and if the duck soup is available try it!

  • Krist says:

    Aaaah feed me! ^O^

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