Summer Wedding Ideas: Popsicle Carts with J-POPS


Summer is finally coming and that means one thing… scratch that, make it two:

  1. Hot days
  2. The need for ice cold popsicles.

The summer heat is waiting around the corner and that got me thinking… how perfect would it be to have popsicles during cocktail hour at my future-not-so-planned-summer wedding? Thank goodness I live in a cool city like Columbus because wherever there is a need, there is an answer. Popsicle catering? J-POPS has us covered.


These popsicles are “all-natural, no additives, no preservatives, no coloring ice pops. The average pop has only 4 ingredients.” Steven White, owner and ice pop maker, uses whole fruits and herbs to create these delicious treats. Steven initially created popsicles as a fun hobby, but developed his passion into something more after Japan’s natural disaster in 2011. Steven decided to sell J-POPS (inspired by Japan’s pop music) to help raise funds for the disaster relief, and J-POPS has grown into a Columbus favorite since then.

My first experience with J-POPS was at the Best Bites Sweet Treats 2016 and it’s no surprise that J-POPS was voted as the Best Bites Sweet Treat! I may or may not have stopped by the popsicle cart twice during the event. It was love at first sample. These popsicles are a great addition to any event! A fool proof plan to please guests.

J-POPS can be found at various festivals this season and around town!
Check out J-POPS‘s site for more details/flavors and book your cart today!

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