Kathy’s juice cleanse experience: Expectations vs. Reality

A 3 day juice cleanse? Sure, I’ll try it thanks to Samba Fresh! The game plan was to drink a variety of 6 juices a day for 3 days and eat a salad if need be. Here’s a summary of how I thought it was going to be and how it really went down.

  • Expectations: I wouldn’t like all the juices
  • Reality: I went to the store and sampled all the flavors so I could choose the juices I would be drinking. I probably tried about 15 and liked all but 3 of them- which is awesome because I can be picky. You guys, Samba Fresh juices are delicious!!!

  • Expectation: I would be hangry the whole time
  • Reality: My stomach grumbled starting at lunch time, but I wasn’t really hungry…I just missed eating if that makes sense haha. The juices kept me VERY full, in fact I couldn’t even finish all 6 in a day. The Proteina Plus was especially filling since it contains cashews.

  • Expectation: I would not have enough energy to make it through work
  • Reality: I actually had more energy than usual! This was a surprise to me. The other bloggers who participated in the cleanse had similar experiences.

  • Expectation: I would have major headaches (many of the other bloggers said they had caffeine withdrawal)
  • Reality: Luckily, I experienced no headaches. I drink coffee maybe twice weekly so that’s not too much. I was told to drink lots of herbal tea to combat the headaches, but I didn’t need to.

  • Expectation: I would be going to the bathroom a lot
  • Reality: I did have to urinate more frequently, but my bowel movements were normal. TMI? oops, but I know many people were wondering if juice cleanses cause diarrhea!

Would I do a juice cleanse again? I see myself doing it for a one day time frame and I would totally drink a juice in the morning or if I had a heavy lunch and wanted something more fresh and light for dinner. I prefer to eat food and would rather eat more clean.

Through this experience I learned that I OVER EAT!!!! I  will be working on my portion control! I know food is an indulgence for me and I now understand that I have to view food as a source to sustain (and indulge sometimes, but not as much as before!)

Stay tuned for Sophia’s blog post later this month after her 3-day Samba juice cleanse!

Thank you to Samba Fresh for the delicious juices!
4939 Dierker Rd Upper Arlington, 43220


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