Not your average Chicken Sandwich!

Why do we love Northstar Cafe so much? They are so consistent with their delicious food and we are never disappointed. Their Chicken & Avocado Sandwich ranks in the top 3 of our favorite dishes served in Columbus!

What’s so special about this sandwich?

  • Toasted bun…that’s buttered
  • Aioli sauce adds more creaminess & compliments the fresh avocado
  • Chicken is so juicy! Comes from the oven whole roasted chickens cooked right in the restaurant
  • Smoked gouda cheese yumminess
  • Perfectly dressed arugala salad
  • (Also comes with a roasted pepper, but we order ours without it)
  • SWEET POTATO FRIES (Clintonville  location only) with pieces of rosemary and ROASTED GARLIC!

In summary, this chicken sandwich = noms to infinity & beyond.

Yes, Northstar is more pricey than most places. I’ve heard many people say that they can’t justify paying $14-16 for a dish here. Trust us though, this dish is worth all the money. The way I see it, I’d rather pay for something that I know will always taste delicious rather than shell out money for mediocre food. We usually split the dish too and the serving portion is just right! Stay tuned for another Northstar favorite post!


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