Kasual Life meets Ohio Against The World

What does OATW stand for? Ohio Against The World!

20150103-IMG_0783 oatw-1

What was on my the top of my wishlist this past Christmas? An OATW tee! I was so excited to receive it and even more excited to represent the brand, especially after the hype of the OSU fan on TV during the Sugar Bowl game! (Go Bucks!)

20150103-IMG_0790 (1)

A simple design with a powerful message. Everyone can interpret it their own personal way, but to me it means: being proud of what Ohio is/has to offer and having good vibes to do great things in the community and the world! O-H!

Where can you buy OATW gear? Check out their website.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/OhioAgainstTheWorld

Instagram: instagram.com/oatw

Photo credit: davidwai.com 


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