Plant Parenthood

I love having plants in my home because they have a serene and uplifting aura. However, I quickly learned that I do not have a knack for keeping them alive. I kept buying all sorts of plants from farmers markets and plant shops, but I didn’t have the green thumb to help them thrive (may they RIP).

After a lot of trial and error I have luckily kept these 3 happy! Here are a few quick tips on plant parenthood:

1. Know your light source

Observe your rooms and see if your place gets a lot of natural light or not. Then, imagine where you want your plants to be. Some plants need direct light in front of a window and others do better in indirect light, like on a table against the wall. Buy the right plants for your space!

tip: don’t put plants next to your aromatherapy oil diffuser. I put one next to my diffuser with lavender oil and it wilted and died the next day!

2. Don’t over water your plants

This was probably the biggest reason why so many of my plants died. I have learned to make sure the soil dries out completely before watering again. And watering at most twice a month for the plants I have. STUMP is great because they give you a note card with the care plan for each plant you buy

3. Choose plants that you can care for

I have to select plants that are low maintenance- haha! Some plants are finicky and need special water and special temperatures, which I know are not for me. They may be beautiful, but I can’t keep up with them. Cacti are a great option for me!

All my plants have names! Finny (left), Lola (middle), and Del Mar (right) which is named after the Stump owners’ dog that I met!

left: plant from Stump and pot from Target

middle: plant from Cactus Consortium and pot from IKEA

Right: plant and pot from Cactus Consortium

skull anatomy mug : Happy Go Lucky



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