Practical Gift Guide

I love a practical gift. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to be pampered with things I would never buy myself, but a good quality usable gift is awesome to both give and receive. Here are a few items I use all the time and highly recommend on adding to those holiday shopping lists!


Conair Steamer: ($30 on Amazon) I really dislike ironing and have always avoided it. My boyfriend did all of the ironing… until I got this appliance. The steamer is quick and easy to use on many fabric types. Wrinkle free clothes have never been more attainable.


Electronic Water Kettle: ($15+ at home good stores) This is great for coffee and tea lovers. Just fill the kettle, press the on button, and the kettle turns off automatically once the water boils. Set it and forget it! If you’re fancy and have money to spare, get the Zojirushi one that keeps the water warm (#home goalz)!


Swiffer Wet Jet Set:  ($23 at Target) Cleaning wood/tile floors just got easier. I really like how the product stream is very fine and covers a wide surface area. Sam’s Club and Costco sell the refill packs of wipes & fluid for a good price. Swiff it good!


Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser: ($15+ on Amazon and most home good stores)  Sophia got me this for Christmas a couple years ago and it makes me so happy when I use it. It makes the room smell amazing without having to worry about blowing out a flame. I use lavender oil in mine, but there are plenty of essential oil options at the store that you can mix together, too!


Memberships: a gift that helps people save money all year round? YAASSS. I love my Costco membership and I think an Amazon Prime membership would be a popular gift for those who love to online shop.


Mason tumbler water bottle: ($8 at Walmart) This tumbler helps keep me hydrated, I easily drink 3-4 full a day! The insulation keeps the water cooler than most bottles and the straw tricks the brain into drinking more water (at least I think so haha). The only con is that it doesn’t fit in a car cup holder, but I put mine in my middle console. Tip: find this at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, or Marshall’s for less than $5!


Casio Unisex Watch: ($12 on Amazon) I wear this watch to work and I highly recommend it for others in the health care field for two reasons: it has a second hand + won’t get damaged when cleaning with an alcohol pad. It has an adjustable buckle clasp, which is perfect for me with my small wrists. A few of my coworkers bought this watch after I praised about it. It’s sleek and classic look is great to wear for everyday, too. My boyfriend loves borrowing it all the time, so perhaps he will be receiving his own this Christmas!

And that wraps up my favorite (incredibly useful) things! Hope you look into purchasing some/all of these items this holiday season! I’m sure these won’t be be re-gifted!



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