Rocksbox your socks off

Receiving packages is one of my favorite little things in life. Having them filled with beautiful jewelry pieces makes it even better! Aaaaand receiving these packages multiple times a month?! Yes, please!


Thanks to Rocksbox I was able to have just that! I’m not the most adventurous person when it comes to jewelry. I tend to stick with classic simple pieces that I can wear with all of my outfits. Rocksbox was a great way for me to experiment with statement necklaces, which by the way is a perfect way to glam up monochromatic outfits!





Every Rocksbox comes with 3 hand-selected pieces that can be returned for an exchange of another trio! Return as often as you’d like and shipping is always free both ways. A perfect way to rotate jewelry throughout the season.


Thanks to Rocksbox for providing subscriptions.


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