Running through my mind

Long distance running can surely be boring. 1-2 hours of doing the same motions over and over allows for a lot of time to be alone with my thoughts! Here are some that have passed through my mind:

  • What?! It hasn’t even been 5 minutes? (Thought occurs every. single. time I run)
  • Must control my RBF = running b*tch face
  • If I smile while I run maybe I can convince myself I’m having fun
  • I hope my shoe laces get untied so I can stop and take a break to tie them!
  • Wow, that person lapped me and they’re not even breaking a sweat….and they’re at least double my age. So ashamed….
  • Would eating ice cream after my run negate everything I just did?
  • Am I supposed to make eye contact or not with people going in the opposite direction?
  • Are people creeped out by how much I keep staring at their cute dog?
  • Whyyyyyy did I sign up for this?!

Can anyone else relate? Comment below to add to the list!

 Photo credit: Young & Lo Photography


  • kimberly chen says:

    hey kathy! i can deff relate to this ha…since i do run a lot…usually one hour minimum…although i have cut down how many days i run… but when i run outside…i usually give the thumbs up or a smile to the person thats coming the opposite way…its encouraging to know someone acknowledges you as your putting in hard work! and with good music that one hour to two hour pass by fast!!!!

  • Krist says:

    Good job.

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