Salted Maple Cortado from Mission Coffee

Truth: Mission Coffee has the best seasonal caffeinated drink… the Salted Maple Cortado. What makes a cortado? A combination of espresso and about equal amounts of steamed milk. Cortados aren’t my go-to drink of choice, but Mission amped it up with this special addition and it may now be my coffee staple.

The sprinkle of kosher salt on top of the foam enhances the sweetness of the Ohio maple syrup and bitterness of the espresso. The local Hartzler milk “cuts” the sharp robust espresso which creates a creamier drink rather than acidic. The cinnamon on top adds a fall quality making the aroma intoxicating. All the flavors come together to create the perfect drink- sweet, bitter, salty, and creamy. The cup is smaller than a normal mug of coffee (think a big shot glass), so I really take my time to enjoy every single sip.

The Salted Maple Cortado is both delicious and cozy. The flavor experience paired with the aesthetic vibes of the coffee shop makes for a good time. Added bonus to the SMC: it’s pretty & photogenic. Instagram away!

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