Second Sole Short North

After taking a step into Second Sole‘s new Short North location, we wanted everything on the racks! This location is the only spot in Columbus that carries a Nike shop with selected premium items!

Sophia and I have been wearing out workout shoes for 4+ years and we definitely were due for some new kicks. Usually, we just go to a department store and choose what’s cute/what feels comfortable – not necessarily knowing what fits right and what’s the correct shoe for our fitness needs.


The staff at Second Sole was so helpful during our shoe fitting. They assessed the way we walked, asked us if we had any past injuries, and asked us what our normal fitness regimen is. Sophia and I have currently been strength training and also running more so we needed shoes that would offer a lot of support. The staff then brought a few choices out based on our needs & gait and listened to our feedback about what we liked/disliked.


How cute are our picks?! I feel like I’m walking on clouds when I wear mine.


Not only do they have a variety of Nike shoes, but also apparel. We even got to pick outfits for the mannequin in the window. Stop by the store to see our outfit choice as well as the mannequins dressed by Girl About Columbus and The Micro Harvest!


Thanks to Second Sole and Nike for our new kicks!


 Second Sole
662 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 222-0900

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