Short North Murals

I went exploring in the Short North to find these 11 murals, which were all made by Columbus artists! Below the collage are listed details about each mural and where they are located. Try to find them all before a new set of murals is put up!


[Photos by Ronnie Sang]


7H3B3643 Wallace Peck’s “Lady Liberty” 1209 N High St.

7H3B3657 Jordan Tate’s ” New Work #169″ 1081 N High St.

7H3B3666 Beth Himsworth’s “Koi Garden” 765 N High St.

7H3B3672 Laine Bachman’s “Monkey Queen” 721 N High St.

7H3B3676 Joe Lombardo’s “Lot Primaries” 459 N High St.

7H3B3694 Tom Baillieul’s “The City of Columbus- Air and Rail from Coast to Coast” 608 N High St.

7H3B3698 Winnie Sidharta Ambron’s “Victorian Portrait” 650 N High St

7H3B3713 Joey Monsoon’s “Remember Your Spot” 700 N High St.

7H3B3722 Maria DiFranco’s “Domesticating the African Wolf” 944 N High St.

7H3B3747  Kate Valeska’s “Good Morning” 1204 N High St.

7H3B3731 Douglas Rosenfield’s “Camp 18” 1130 N High St.

Which murals do you like the most? Comment below!


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