Sidebar: above par

I recently had one of the best meals in Columbus over the weekend! Being a foodie, it takes an extreme dish to say that. Sophia and I wanted to try out a new bar we had never been to and decided on Sidebar located downtown. We weren’t planning to order food, but of course, our hunger got the best of us as we looked over their menu.  How could we resist ordering spicy potatoes: pan fried potatoes, sauteed with garlic, onions, paprika, and house made spicy mayo. The soft potatoes and the creamy mayo just melt in your mouth.

Choosing an entree was difficult because everything sounded amazing. All the options had us salivating from parmesan scallops to seared duck. Our waiter, Cyril, was incredibly helpful and suggested sharing a lamb shank. Even though he warned us on how massive the dish was, we were still bug eyed when it came out. Both of us couldn’t finish it!


The lamb was prepared pot roast style and served with saffron parmesan risotto and seasonal vegetables. I had never tried lamb prior to this so I was a little weary, but his suggestion did not disappoint me! The lamb was tender, juicy, and full flavored. It reminded me of pulled pork in texture.

Ok, now on to the saffron parmesan risotto. I’m drooling just from thinking about it. It was almost like an elevated macaroni and cheese, but so much more epic. I loved the cheese flavor and it was not overly salty.  The vegetables were cooked perfectly. Their crisp texture and fresh taste balanced the fatty lamb.

Sidebar, thank you for existing in Columbus. I am sorry I had not been acquainted with you before, but I believe we will be dear friends in the future.

WePan-fried potatoes, sautéed with onions, garlic, spanish paprika, and house made spicy mayonnaise.

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