Single life struggles

I must admit, there are days when I miss being in a relationship. 90% of the time I am fine, but there are days where the single life struggle is real. What are common problems I face as a single gal?

  1. Meeting people. Perhaps I don’t put myself in enough situations to meet people, but I don’t meet anyone through work and my friends don’t have any prospects. How often is it that you meet someone by chance or that cute guy at the coffee shop comes over to strike up a conversation? No luck for me.
  2. Lack of companionship. This is probably the # 1 thing I miss the most. I miss holding hands with someone while we explore the city or always having a date for events. I miss having someone to talk to everyday to share thoughts with.
  3. No wing woman. I’m pretty much the only one out of all my girl friends who is single. Everyone else is married or in a long term relationship. Other single ladies….where you at? Let’s help each other out.
  4. No Cloud 9 feeling. Yes, I am a happy person and am grateful for many things about my life. However, that blissful feeling of love is truly next level happiness!
  5. Cuddle-less.  I miss the cuddles.

Can anyone else relate?

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