Confessions of a first time juice cleanser with juice that has juice certification

A few weeks ago Kathy had her shot with a 3-day Samba Fresh juice cleanse, now it was finally my turn! I decided to cleanse at the beginning of my short summer break to get a healthy kickstart for the season. I went in with some big aspirations from the get-go: a 3-day full cleanse with 6 juices a day + no food + starting a daily body regimen which included HIIT and weight training. Here’s what I learned:

Samba Fresh juices are amazingly delicious, thanks to, so I thought the next 3 days would be so easy! I was completely wrong.

With only 1 week of summer break, I wanted to start my workouts right away and get into the habit of exercising again. My second semester of grad school finally wrapped up and I thought to myself, what a perfect time to try the juice cleanse too – especially after all those late night naan pizzas and red wine vinegar chips. First day started off with a perfectly energizing G.L.O. (grapefruit lemon + orange) juice! I felt pumped, prepared, and excited for my workout! Got through my workout and held strong until dinner time. Take a look at this juice cleanse miami and learn more about their tips for your diet.

I was physically and mentally drained from the workout but held through with a few more juices until around 6PM. I didn’t realize how mentally challenging the cleanse was going to be and decided if I was going to continue both cleansing and working out – I needed to modify it. I eventually grabbed a salad and finished off the evening with Proteina V which satisfied my needs for carbs and sweet tooth all together. If you’re somehow concerned of how much vitamins you have filled your body especially if you have a health and fitness goal, kits like that at home vitamin test may be a life-saver. samba-4932

Everything about the process was difficult – except for tasty juices themselves. I was constantly asking myself:

  • Am I actually hungry yet?
  • Do I need to eat?
  • What’s my next meal going to be?
  • Can I really do this for just a few more days? I mean it literally is only 1-2 more days!


The questions continued and eventually I caved in for some chicken. I just felt like I needed some more substance with all the lifting I was doing and I wanted to make sure my body was well nourished and ready for the next workout. The next two days were just as difficult as the first, but I continued the cleanse with salad + protein to keep me going.

Every cleansing experience can be different, but it’s always important to listen to your own body. As easy as that sounds, it’s actually the hardest part! I didn’t want to cave in just yet.. but you do what you gotta do.

At first I felt like I had failed the cleanse because I modified it from day one. But I realized I had gained a new perspective on my eating habits. I learned to differentiate my wants and needs. I learned that I don’t have to eat everything delicious I see – even if that donut looks AMAZING. I learned that it’s all about balance and that’s how I succeeded in this cleanse.

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Thank you to Samba Fresh for the delicious juices!
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