The Market Italian Village

What’s my new favorite brunch dish? Braised pork belly at The Market Italian Village! I even mentioned it in a little blurb in the Columbus Dispatch newspaper! The pork belly melts in your mouth, the asparagus is well seasoned and cooked to a good consistency, and a poached egg seals the deal. Perfection.


What else do I love about this place other than the food? The relaxed vibe and the fact that there’s live music on the weekends. Members from the band Forest & the Evergreens were crooning soulful music – their voices made us melt!

More good news: the market also sells produce, wine, special goods, and there is a good amount of seating and also a patio!


Look at this cute visitor who popped up in front of our window!

Sophia got the Catalan poached lace that came with a pretty & yummy potato lace. She also ordered a side of the potato hash. We enjoyed a donut from Destination Donuts, which was a sweet treat to end our meal.

This little spot in Italian Village is truly enjoyable and a great place to visit!

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