#BROWSONFLEEK: 5 tips for perfect eyebrows

Brow Wiz in Medium Ash + MAC Eyeshadow in Coquette

So what is this new trending brow hasthtag and what’s the big deal? #browsonfleek essentially means having eyebrows that are perfectly filled and shaped to complement one’s face! Brows are one of the first things people see and they truly frame the face. Over the years I have tried almost every brow product out on the market and wanted to share my holy grail brow items + tips on how I use them to keep my brow game strong.

1. Finding the right color

browpowdersThere’s a general rule of thumb on choosing a brow color: for dark hair choose 2-3 shades lighter than your hair color – for lighter hair go 2-3 shades darker. Brown is a tricky color so knowing your hair tone and color is important! Hair with red tones can opt for both neutral or warm colors, whereas dark black hair would better suit neutral tones.

Some of my favorite MAC shadows

  • Charcoal Brown – medium brown with warm tones
  • Cork – light brown with warm tones
  • Coquette – medium neutral taupe
  • Espresso – dark muted brown with slightly warm tones

2. Find what product works for you

There are so many different types of products that do different things for your brows. Gels/pomades are best for fade-free and budge-proof brows that will last you all day and into the night. Pencils are great for naturally defining the lower edge of the brow and also the tail. Powders are the quickest and easiest to apply/blend and will look the most natural, though they tend to fade through the day. I use all three types of products and will use them in different combinations depending on what makeup look I’m going for. Each product varies in the time it takes to set, so getting to know the product and perfecting what order to apply/blend is an art-form in itself!

3. Every brow is different

The saying goes “brows are sisters not twins.” So don’t focus TOO much on getting them exactly the same! Also, there is no single perfect brow shape – one person can have multiple shapes to suit their face. When I met Anastasia (yes… THAT Anastasia) she applied thicker + more arched brows on me, something I never tried. It looked fantastic! Never be afraid to try different shapes and it’s only makeup so you can always wash it off!

4. Keep them groomed

Groomed eyebrows = easier/quicker application. Learning how to shape my own brows and pluck/trim them at home has also saved me tons of $$$. I would recommend getting them done professionally first a few times to find out what shapes work best for you. When it comes time to plucking, remember to always take a step back from the mirror to avoid over tweezing!

5. Practice practice practice!

Don’t forget practice makes perfect so keep calm and brows on!


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