To: all the single ladies (and gentlemen)

Yes, yes. February 14th is a few days away aka Valentine’s Day aka Singles Awareness Day. I hope this post helps all my fellow single people out there feel more prepared to see all the lovey dovey posts that are about to take over Facebook news-feeds come this weekend.

Many people complain about their single life and how they won’t ever find anyone (also known as: #foreveralone)

  • First…. doing this probably isn’t the best approach to entering the dating scene. If you pity yourself, others will too.
  • Second…it’s better to be single than in a mediocre or bad relationship
  • Third…..what is wrong with being single?

Now don’t get me wrong–there are definite perks to being in a relationship, but being single has its benefits as well:

  • I feel that I am more carefree because I don’t have to please anyone
  • I have learned so much about myself post-break ups–I feel so confident about the person that I am and the things that I want
  • I am more independent

But what about dating?

My friends say I need to give guys more chances, accept the date requests, and stop immediately friend-zoning every single guy that talks to me. I admit I am guilty of this and am working on it!

I wouldn’t say I prefer being single, but at the same time I’m not looking. They say that the right person will come along when you least expect it, and I think that is true. If you keep looking and looking, your eagerness will cause you to have such high expectations that you won’t be able to appreciate where you are this moment in life–or worse, you’ll settle for someone you don’t really like.


It’s okay to feel lonely sometimes–we all do. Whenever you start to feel lonely, don’t post #foreveralone on FB or twitter, and remember these truths:

  • Be happy and look forward to the day you meet someone who can make you even more happy
  • Being single doesn’t mean that you’re alone, because YOU’RE NOT–you have friends and family
  • Let the past make you better, not bitter- no matter how many times you’ve been heart broken
  • Remember that real love exists. It doesn’t leave you, and it’s worth fighting for
  • Keep working on yourself because when you’re happy with yourself you can offer the best to others
  • Just keep doing you. Stay positive that you WILL meet someone who appreciates you and can show you what this whole love thing is all about


Every girl wants a good guy.

I wish people would stop saying that good guys finish last because it’s not true. Sometimes what is lacking for me is the “spark”. Oh, the spark. Let’s be real, you can’t control who you have the spark with AND you don’t have the spark with everyone–that’s why you are friends with people.

I don’t always have the spark with a lot of guys, but when I do, that little spark turns into a wildfire.

Vday 3

♥ Kathy

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