Top 10 Things I learned from Dating

As I have {s  l  o  w  l  y} entered the dating world I have realized what an exciting, awkward, and confusing place it is. Here’s a list of the lessons I have learned through my experiences!

  1. Dress to impress. You can never go wrong with dressing nice. Never.
  2. Don’t lower your expectations, but be able to look beyond them. I try not to have an exact image or idea of the “perfect” person because life never seems to play out like that. Rigid expectations rarely allows for being pleasantly caught off guard.
  3. Ask “screening” questions. If you know there are certain things that are deal breakers then bring it up! For example I always like to know details like future residential plans.
  4. Talk about your passions in life. I find it so attractive when guys talk about their goals, their friends, family, hobbies.
  5. Be silly and laugh— it makes the date flow so much better. I’ve never had a bad time while I was laughing.
  6. Read their vibes.  Are they being nice to you because it’s sincere or they want something out of it? Do they seem to be a debbie downer or do they have a positive attitude?
  7. Examine their actions. Do they look in your eyes when talking to you? Did they spend half their time texting on their phone? Did the guy walk on the side of the street that is closer to the traffic? (A guy once told me that’s what gentleman are supposed to do, so now I always notice). How do they treat strangers around you? These little things matter.
  8. Make the conversation 50/50. One of my pet peeves is people who talk about themselves too much. I love to listen, but sometimes people will go on and on about themselves and I’ll start to tune out. A date is a time for 2 people to get to know each other!
  9. Give that second date a chance! People put so much pressure on the first date because they want it to be perfect and smooth sailing from there. Relax! If the first date went well, but you’re still unsure, go on a second date to see which way your feelings lead.
  10. Don’t take it personal.  It’s not always going to work out, so shrug your shoulders, move on, and stay positive. You tried and you now have a better understanding of the qualities you are looking for in someone :)

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