Where I am & where I’m running

Training for the 1/2 Marathon has definitely been….a struggle…since we are novice runners. We both have been running more, but the distance is definitely an issue for us. We have yet to run more than 3-4 miles at a time (even with breaks). We are looking into starting a scheduled training plan as well as joining a running club. Any suggestions? Comment below!

We’ve both been keeping each other in check, which is great. I have been making an effort to run everyday- even when I am exhausted after work- to get myself into the habit of including running into my schedule. That way, it’s part of my routine and ideally I’ll learn to enjoy it. I’ve found that running helps me relax and release my stress. Since Sophia is in Cali on PST, she sees my texts/pics of me running and that helps her stay motivated after she gets off work.

Our next goal is to work on our mental game.

Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like the muscles of the body. -Lynn Jennings

It also helps to have a beautiful place to run! Antrim Park  is by far my favorite place to run: it’s my go-to location when the sun is shining. I love it there because of the scenery and also it makes me so happy to see all the dogs! It’s also convenient because the loop is 1.2 miles, so I can easily track my distance. Eventually, I want to take the longer trail that leads all the way to downtown Columbus!

Here are some pictures I took last week with my iPhone! Look at that amazing view.


We are also fundraising money for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. To donate please visit: http://nationwidechildrens.kintera.org/childrenschampions2014/KasualLife. Feel free to share this link, we really want to meet our goal!



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