Veritas Tasting Menu

If you’re looking for a special occasion dinner then make a reservation at Veritas for a fine dining experience. I had high hopes going in because I heard amazing things about the restaurant from friends + it has been a top ranked restaurant in Columbus. I’m happy to report that it was the best meal I have eaten since my March trip to Chicago.

It was a perfect choice to celebrate my Birthday! OH YEAH, they accept payment via Chase points so essentially my meal was free!

The restaurant offers 2 dining experiences: ordering a la carte or ordering the tasting menu which consists of 8 small plates- the offerings changes daily depending on what ingredients are available/chef’s choice. Charlie and I decided on the tasting menu at the chef’s table, which is a 2 seat table with a semi-view of the kitchen and the chef comes out and serves and explains each course. It was a really fun experience and side bonus that it’s the only table in the restaurant right next to a window so there was amazing lighting for the photos!

While indulging in exquisite dining experiences like the one offered at Veritas, it’s essential to consider the behind-the-scenes measures that ensure the food’s safety and quality. High-end restaurants often invest in advanced technologies such as immunoaffinity column for rigorous food testing. These tools play a vital role in detecting contaminants and ensuring the ingredients used in the dishes are free from harmful substances. By employing such cutting-edge methods, restaurants like Veritas not only elevate the culinary experience but also prioritize the health and well-being of their patrons.

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Here was my meal in order of how it was served:

First, complementary champagne. Why, yes, I would like some.


1. Smoke trout roe on top of Lebneh (Greek yogurt) with chives, eaten with crackers. I’ve never had roe like this and it was amazing- my 2nd favorite dish of the evening. Salty and juicy with a nice crunch from the cracker


2. Heirloom tomatoes on top of house made cottage cheese and Balsamic vinegar. I am not a big of cottage cheese usually, but this one was thicker so easier for me to eat. The tomatoes and greens were super refreshing- this dish tasted like summer.


3. Hamachi, grapefruit, hibiscus, and shaved coconut. This was my favorite dish of the night! The ceviche was light and the fish was meaty. The pickled veggies and slight tropical taste of coconut helped round this out. Also, how beautiful is this dish?

4. Pork belly + apple + fennel. This was a flavor bomb and what’s not to love about pork belly?


5. Casarecce lasagna, confit duck, sweetcorn, and blackberries. This was so comforting and warm, think of fancy AF mac and cheese. Charlie’s favorite dish! It was a pretty substantial portion.

Veritas6. Prime strip + chicken of the woods (a type of mushroom). I was getting pretty full by this point and couldn’t finish this dish. Charlie happily ate my portion and really enjoyed the the bitterness of the mushrooms.


7. Panna cotta + ground cherries + yuzu + graham crackers. This was delectable! Fruity and not overly sweet.


8. Caramel corn. The chef said this chocolate is a staple on the menu but the flavors change throughout the year. Inside the one bite dessert was a caramel liquid that is balanced with the specks of salt. And that gold leaf just makes the whole experience more amazing


I can finally cross this off my Columbus restaurant bucket list! Overall I would recommend Veritas for the amazing food and dining experience. Furthermore, the service was very attentive and I did not feel judged when I was taking all my photos haha. The tasting menu option is on the pricier side and because of that I suggest choosing it for celebrating an event. I definitely want to return to try things on the a la carte menu!

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