Why I’m leaving California


It’s official. I’ve finally moved back to Columbus. The biggest question: why?

California has great weather year round, beautiful beaches, and amazing (cheap) Vietnamese food! Who on earth would leave the west coast to go back to Ohio? This girl. Here’s a quick breakdown on why I decided to move back.

  • Traffic. We could end the list here.
  • Future professional goals: In the process of getting into grad school… wish me luck!
  • Missing that Midwest vibe: I never really knew what the Midwest was all about until I left. I loved the community oriented culture and people here.
  • I love Columbus! My initial plans were to move earlier this year, which is why I started the blog early February to showcase everything I loved about Columbus.
  • and of course Kathy & Kasual Life!

With so many opportunities for personal/professional development & Columbus exploration, there really is no other perfect time for me to come back!


  • Carly says:

    I know that Kathy is happy to have you back! Great decision :) Maybe I’ll finally get to meet you! lol

  • Alex says:

    For those of us remaining in Ohio suffering from FOMO, it’s refreshing to know that California lacks some things that we often take for granted.

    Yes, the Midwest does offer a community-centered culture, with different conferences, meetups, and communities to get involved in. And of course, there’s the 48 Hour Film Project!

    Good to have you back.

  • Jennifer Gordon says:

    I totally get why you moved back, I just did the acne from Austin, Texas! All of my reasons were the same as yours. Nothing like the buckeye state!

  • Joyce says:

    So happy you’re going to be back! Columbus must be lonely without you.

  • Kim says:

    Back too fast Sophia! I’m going to Cali soon! Oh the irony!

  • Anu says:

    Thanks for the restaurant recommendations in santa monica! And im pumped about this deweys pizza giveaway!

  • Matthew Navarro says:

    I moved to Ohio from Texas (best state in the union) and love it here. Not because of the people or the traffic or the friends I have from coolege but the snow. I have fallen for snow.

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