New Columbus Taproom at Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

Have you heard? Wolf’s Ridge Brewing will finally be opening up their taproom! You’ll be able to enter the Tap Room directly from the side entrance (off Lazelle & Hickory St.) or through the front dining entrance. There are over 20 craft beers on tap and flights of five are also available. Kathy and I are still developing our beer palettes, so ordering a flight (or two) is a great way to taste and learn about the different types of beers. We had the opportunity to meet and talk to head brewer Chris Davison, who will be continually using this space as a “playground” to experiment and create new crafted brews. WRB’s Tap Room will be an excellent spot to expand those palettes.


The Tap Room offers a separate snack and cocktail menu. In order to maintain the integrity and quality of their dishes at the restaurant, they won’t be serving the full dining menu in the taproom. The upside? They have Mocha pot de crème (Hefeweizen shortbread, hopped caramel, with a hard chocolate top) on the snack menu. Definitely coming back to try that… right after a delicious meal from the restaurant!

The exposed brick walls and charming original windows of the building create an inviting space. Not only is the space inviting, but also the Szuters family! This friendly family owned business keeps reeling us back with their hospitality, fantastic food, and delicious drinks.

The Tap Room will be open to the public today at 3:00 PM January 23, 2015! Be one of the first to try my favorite pick: Driftwood Citrus Surf (session IPA).

Drink local & #kasualcheers!


Wolf’s Ridge Brewing
Restaurant Entrance: 215 N 4th Street
Tap Room Entrance: Corner of Lazelle & Hickory St.


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