Kasual Craves Volume 5: Roast Duck Wonton Soup

Kathy and I usually find ourselves at Yau’s Chinese Bistro ordering crispy spicy wings, but we finally ventured off the menu’s next page to order something different. We needed a little push to try something new… and all it took was a friend’s Instagram picture of a hot bowl of Roast Duck Soup!

After flashing the IG photo to our server, he informed us that we could order the noodle soup with or without wontons. Of course it was a YES to the wontons! The soup was not too salty and the flavors from the duck added a warm aroma. The noodles were slightly overcooked our first time trying this, but the duck meat and soup base compensated for it. Our second time ordering it was perfect all around.


Despite these 60 degree temperatures and rainy days winter weather really is coming, so this soup is going to be a must-have this season. The bowl has decent servings, so it’s perfect to share when ordering another dish (hint: maybe some spicy wings).

Yau’s Chinese Bistro
1493 N. High St.
ColumbusOH 43202


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